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Handouts from the field day

Here is the handout on Crop Estimation and the Training Trial that I presented at the field day on Monday 25th. Martinson Handout Watertown 6-25    (PDF document, 2 pp)

Current Situation 6-29

Current Situation June 29, 2012 Thanks to Coyote Moon Vineyards for hosting the June 25th Field Day. Vine Development:  Fruit should be past fruit set and (for tight clustered varieties such as marquette) toward ‘bunch closure’.  This is the time to consider additional canopy management options. Leaf Removal. For VSP (vertical shoot position):  Early leaf […]

2nd North East Vineyard Equipment Show and Demonstration

              2nd North East Vineyard Equipment Show and Demonstration July 25-26, 2012 9.00 am until 4.30pm Anthony Road Vineyards, Penn Yan, NY Andrew Landers of Cornell University is hosting a vineyard equipment show and demonstration in the heart of the Finger Lakes grape growing region on July 25th and […]

Willsboro Report 6-21

The Willsboro Report- 6/21/12 Hello!  Thank you for checking in on the start to a weekly blog covering the status of the Willsboro Variety Trials located on the Cornell Baker Farm in Willsboro, NY.  My name is Josh Kowalski and I am the new Field Research Technician.  My duties are to oversee the vineyard under […]

Current Situation 6/15/2012

Greetings, all!  I (Chrislyn Particka) am writing the blog post this week as Tim is in the Midwest, touring grape nurseries.  Scouting and Disease Management  This week, Zac noticed some powdery mildew (2% of leaves infected in all varieties) at one vineyard and some anthracnose (40% of Frontenac leaves affected) at another.  This is an […]

Current Situation 6/7/2012

Frontenac shoot with 3 clusters, close to bloom on 6/6/2012. Photo by Chrislyn Particka.       Zac Shirk, our summer intern, based in Watertown, started becoming acquainted with local vineyards where he’ll be scouting for insects and diseases, as well as collecting data on shoot and cluster counts (among other projects).  Zach will be […]