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New ‘Friday’ blog for NNY Grape Growers

Greetings!  As part of the Northern Grapes Project, we will be posting weekly blog entries on crop development, pest management, and other issues targeted at Northern NY grape growers, producing cold-climate cultivars.  I will be working with CCE Intern Zac Shirk to put together this information, which will shortly include pest management scouting, disease, insect, and viticulture updates, and other topics.  We plan to post these every Friday, mostly under the title ‘current situation’. We will send out an e-mail notification and link that you can click on to access the blog posts.

Keep reading below, as I’ve posted three brief articles to get this started:

  • Current Situation 6/1/2012
  • Meet Zachary Shirk
  • Grape Berry Moth Spray Timing

We hope to keep these brief, to the point, and on schedule for you to review each friday, and hope that it will provide some timely information for your management tasks in the following week.

-Tim Martinson

Senior Extension Associate

Cornell University.


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