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Meet Zachary Shirk – CCE Watertown Extension Intern

Zachary Shirk, who just completed his sophomore year as food science major at Cornell University,  is summer intern with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County and the Statewide Grape Extension Program.  He will be working under the supervision of Sue Gwise and Mike Hunter at the Watertown CCE office, but also on several tasks related to the Northern Grapes Project, under the direction of Tim Martinson and Chrislyn Particka.  Zac will provide pest scouting reports, cluster and shoot counts, and vine development updates based on visits to area vineyards in this blog (each Friday). He will also collect data from vineyard training and crop load management studies that are part of the Northern Grapes Project.  Finally, he will write a few informational articles for Jefferson CCE’s Agricultural updates and their Watertown Times newspaper column.  We hope you will all get the chance to meet Zac and welcome him to Jefferson County and follow his work on behalf of the grape growers and wineries in the Watertown area.

– Tim Martinson


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