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New ‘Friday’ blog for NNY Grape Growers

Greetings!  As part of the Northern Grapes Project, we will be posting weekly blog entries on crop development, pest management, and other issues targeted at Northern NY grape growers, producing cold-climate cultivars.  I will be working with CCE Intern Zac Shirk to put together this information, which will shortly include pest management scouting, disease, insect, […]

Current Situation – 6/1/2012

Vine Development:  Vineyards in Clayton area at 6-15 inch growth stages.  Varying amounts of bud injury are evident, with many clusterless shoots in some cultivars (LaCrescent, Marquette notable in some blocks visited on 5/29; Frontenac less so) – indicating many ‘secondary’ shoots pushed after primaries were frosted.  Shoot thinning should be completed in next week […]

Meet Zachary Shirk – CCE Watertown Extension Intern

Zachary Shirk, who just completed his sophomore year as food science major at Cornell University,  is summer intern with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County and the Statewide Grape Extension Program.  He will be working under the supervision of Sue Gwise and Mike Hunter at the Watertown CCE office, but also on several tasks related […]

Grape Berry Moth Spray Timing-Friday June 1, 2012

Timing Grape Berry Moth sprays: Grape berry moth is a key insect pest of grapes in New York – and the only serious pest that feeds internally on intact grapes throughout the growing season.  It overwinters as a pupa, and adults emerge, mate, and start laying eggs on grapevines around the time that wild grapevines […]