Forex Brokers with Free Initial Deposit

At present, you will come across Forex deposit bonuses in various shapes as well as sizes. Even though substantial bonuses and promotions are being offered by several Forex brokers right now, these bonuses are not that popular in other sectors including sports betting, spread betting, and binary options trading. Forex trading, in contrast to gambling or gaming sites, happens to be a legal business concept that enables an investor to make a sensible decision regarding the market and also generate a steady income in the process. Despite the fact that professional businessmen usually avoid Forex bonuses, the intermediate and amateur ones might find these significantly useful when it comes to establishing an effective trading portfolio.

Forex trading with free bonuses and no deposit required is a nice chance to trade with the live accounts without any investment. In the end, if you have some success you will get the chance to continue with that live account but of course, you will need to make a new deposit. Free forex live account no deposit is only for first time clients.

1.1 List of Forex Brokers (Source) with Free Initial Deposit

We have enlisted some trustworthy Forex brokers out there who provide a decent deposit bonus without putting any stress on the traders by imposing irrational terms and conditions. The subsequent brokers come with an outstanding repute within the industry and will take the welfare of the customers into concentration. Go for your preferred broker after comparing various aspects such as the initial deposit, the deposit bonus, regulation, and leverage, not to mention payment options as well. So all this brokers below offer are: free forex bonus no deposit required:

1-Freshforex    2-Instaforex   3-FBS    4-XM



2.1 The Typical Forex Bonuses Out There For Trading

It is a fact that the Forex deposit bonuses are going to begin from only 5% of the amount deposited to as much as 100%. All these bonus structures will typically depend on the account type, the deposited amount, as well as the broker’s credibility. As per the norms of the industry, trustworthy brokers provide a list of a number of bonuses on most occasions, unlike the other brokers who are not so popular out there. On the contrary, the absence of a bonus or its availability alone is not going to represent the trustworthiness and quality of any Forex company.

You’ll come across some Forex brokers offering free no-deposit bonuses which will enable the trader to start his business without depositing anything at all. These types of bonuses will be appropriate for those traders that want to work in a risk-free environment where it will possible for them to figure out the real-life outcomes of their trading techniques without investing any cash at all. These sorts of promises will also be a fantastic substitute for demo accounts since these types of accounts are usually able to imitate the actual mindset and emotions of trading on a wide scale. In fact, no deposit bonuses will be starting from only $1 to as much as $1000; nevertheless, some restrictions might be imposed in terms of withdrawing profits made via these bonuses.

2.          Let we see benefits from forex brokers with no deposit bonus:

3.1 Benefits of A Deposit Bonus Forex Trading


  • Enhanced equity

The primary intention of the bonuses will be to enhance the investments made in a trading account without making any trade at all. A bonus is going to be the perfect solution for attaining instantaneous profits in a completely risk-free manner. Consequently, these types of bonuses will enable the trader to hold an increasing number of positions and also open bigger lots unlike the initial amount deposited.

  • Enhanced leverage

Enhanced cash in the account implies using enhanced leverage and this will help to improve the position size as well which can lead to plenty of profits. Obviously, additional leverage involves certain risks, and there are significant drawbacks too. Nonetheless, bonuses will enable any trader to leverage his current position while making the best use of it.

Reduced initial investment

Crazy deposit bonuses are being offered by some brokers out there that will enable the traders to improve their investment manifold prior to getting into the market. Brokers with free initial deposit will allow the traders not to take any risk at all and this will be an incentive for them to reduce their exposure to risks without compromising on anything whatsoever.

4.1 Do These Come With Any Downside?

There are several drawbacks related to bonuses which can restrict the freedom of the traders severely out there. As for example, traders need to agree to various terms and conditions prior to getting entitled to any bonus. Some of these terms are not possible to achieve and can also disable the trader from withdrawing their initial capital unless they fulfill the related conditions.

All these bonuses are going to be included in the form of a credit to any trading account which cannot usually be withdrawn. Although a trader is able to fulfill the terms and conditions of the bonus, it is the broker who will decide whether it will be possible to withdraw the profits generated using the bonus money or not. The majority of the illegal brokers utilize the bonus ruse so as to pay out cash to their customers, and one can consider these bonuses to be the main offender behind any issue that might arise between the client and the broker.

As a matter of fact, the no-deposit bonuses are also quite strict when it comes to the terms and conditions. Even though the trader might be able to generate substantial profits by means of a no-deposit bonus, he will still be required to make a deposit prior to withdrawing the bonus profits. This definitely is not in line with the basic instinct of a trader which will be to generate profits from almost nothing, and the brokers can comprehend the same psychology simply by compelling the traders to deposit something prior to granting complete account freedom. On most occasions, it is the trader who will be losing his whole capital because of the emotion and psychology of trading that can make the broker the eventual winner.

5.1 Should I Go For A Bonus?

It is imperative for every single trader to comprehend the pros and cons of the Forex deposit bonuses prior to opting for them. Similar to any other investment opportunity out there, the traders are requested to be meticulous with their cash and opt for a bonus only if they have the required confidence of fulfilling the terms and conditions of the bonus offered by the broker. However, it will be advisable for the traders not to agree to the terms and conditions blindly.

It will be possible to accept a bonus in case you are only starting out with a trivial initial capital, and need a bonus for leveraging your cash so as to open up some significant positions. Several brokers provide unique bonuses to even 200% to 40% which can enhance the account equity considerably. Despite the fact that Vip accounts are entitled to bigger bonuses, the amount of capital invested with any broker is typically quite significant for the traders to risk their cash just for a simple bonus. Consequently, it is the trader who should be deciding this.

6.1 Factors That You Must Consider Prior To Selecting A Forex Deposit Bonus

  • Make it a point to go through the terms and conditions of the bonus comprehensively.
  • Do not presume anything while you are opting for the bonus.
  • In case you’re skeptical, try to get help from the customer support department of the broker.
  • The terms and conditions for the bonuses will differ from one broker to another.
  • Bear in mind that a bonus will be paid from the operating capital of the broker; as a result, the broker will try to recover the money from their customers.
  • Go for a regulated broker given that there will be a reduced chance for any dispute in that case.
  • On every occasion demo trade prior to depositing genuine cash into any live trading account
  • Establish a solid trading strategy so as to overcome any restriction for the account without making any delay at all.
  • Get accurate information from your Forex account manager on the conditions of bonus trading.


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