Stefanie Hufnagl-Eichiner Recent DNR Grad Student Graduate

Stefanie Hufnagl-Eichiner, Ph.D., recently graduated from the Department of Natural Resources and started a post doc position at the Department of Geography at the University of Passau in her native Germany. Steven Wolf, Associate Professor in DNR at Cornell, was her faculty adviser for her Ph.D. work. Hufnagl-Eichiner researches environmental governance through regional marketing in conventional and alternative agri-food systems in Germany and Austria. She teaches empirical research methods and a comparative course on agri-food systems in Europe and the Americas to students in the fields of Geography, Cultural Studies and North American Studies. She plans to set up a recurring exchange of students and scholars through field trips and study-abroad opportunities between the University of Passau and Cornell University in Ithaca, where she almost naturalized. If you are interested in collaborating, please send a note to

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