Rethinking Coastal Development after Hurricane Sandy

Rebecca Schneider, DNR Associate Professor, wrote an editorial piece about development along our coasts and major natural disasters. Here’s a quote from this piece “This is the right time for our federal, state and local governments to take a different approach – a more sustainable solution that recognizes that shoreline habitats are naturally dynamic and resilient.” Click here to read the whole statement.

ClimAid report released

The NYSERDA ClimAid report on climate change impacts in NYS was released to the public yesterday! Many people within DNR contributed to this joint effort between Cornell, Columbia University, and Hunter College. The report was funded by NRSERDA.

Several articles were written about it, including an article in the New York Times. It can be expected to initiate some climate change related activities at the state government level. Congratulations to everyone who contributed!

Click here to view the full story covered by the Wall Street Journal.