Cornell Maple Sap and Syrup Being Used in Beer Production

Michael Farrell has been supplying sap and syrup for beers for the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. Through the Cornell Maple Program, Farrell has been working with the Pub on the maple sap ales and will be doing some birch beer with birch sap this Spring.  The Pub and the Adirondack Life magazine have also created a beer called “Life Support.” This beer is made from maple syrup produced by sugarmakers in all 12 counties of the Adirondack Park.

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4-Poster Tickicide Project at CCE in Suffolk County

Dan Gilrein from the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Suffolk County, NY wrote a two-part article for the Suffolk County Agriculture News summarizing results from the collaborative 4-Poster Tickicide Project. This project is a newly developed  technology for tick management that works by applying a tickicide to the neck and head areas of deer that brush up against treated rollers when consuming corn bait. This technique has been significantly effective in reducing tick populations.

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