Darrick Evensen and Prabudhya Bhattacharyya Awarded Gertrude Spencer Portfolio Honorable Mention

DNR graduate student, Darrick Evensen, and undergraduate, Prabudhya Bhattacharyya, have been awarded the Gertrude Spencer Portfolio honorable mention. This prize is awarded to a graduate student and his undergraduate student for outstanding achievement in the development of a portfolio of essays for a First-Year Writing Seminar. This Award is given in memory of Gertrude Spencer, recognizing a student’s growth in writing ability over the course of the semester.

Bhattacharyya’s portfolio in Evensen’s seminar, NTRES 1200: Environmental Risks in Our Backyards: Communication and Ethics, demonstrated constant improvement over a range of varied writing styles.  He showed excellence in analysis and writing in: a rhetorical analysis of Silent Spring, a critique of Thoreau’s moral philosophy, a press release (written as if from a government agency), a policy brief (written as if from a university faculty member), and a creative final project that included artwork conveying a political message about climate change, along with an interpretive essay.

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