Alumni Highlight: Dana Shapiro

Dana Shapiro completed her undergraduate degree at Cornell in the Natural Resources Department. While at Cornell, Steven Wolf was Dana’s honors supervisor. After graduating from DNR in 2006, Dana  moved to Israel on a Fulbright scholarship, and eventually earned a Masters degree in economic geography from the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research. Her M.Sc. work looked at kibbutz business strategies to cope with rising transport fuel costs, and explored how collective structures can affect rural communities’ adaptive capacity. After completing grad school, Dana moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to work for a small, high-end beekeeping operation – Volcano Island Honey Company. She now works as a freelance rural development consultant, helping farms and cooperatives throughout Hawaii State. Some of her current projects include strategic planning for Whispering Winds Bamboo Cooperative on Maui, social marketing for Mauna Kea Tea, and helping develop a mobile slaughter facility for small-scale sheep and goat producers on the Big Island.


Professor Tim Fahey Quoted in New York Times

In the Science Question and Answer section of the New York Times, Professor Tim Fahey was quoted answering a question regarding the amount of carbon dioxide an old growth  deciduous forest sequesters and how much oxygen it emits. Fahey explains the importance of carbon storage saying, “Forests in the northeastern United States are counteracting a considerable amount of fossil fuel burning by cars, slowing down the rate at which the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere.”


Check out the Q & A article here!


DNR Undergrad Zach Velcoff Published in Journal Evolution

DNR Undergrad, Zachary Velcoff, published an article inEvolution: This View of Life Magazine called “Ancient Traces.” His article discusses trace fossils left by organisms from millions of years ago. These traces can help us understand the activities and morphology, including the evolution of bilateral symmetry.

Zachary is pursuing an interdisciplinary study in science writing and outreach. He is fascinated by the physical act and the cultural and educational roles of storytelling, and believes that we learn best by sharing our stories. He seeks to deliver science to the public, to foster appreciation, and inspire excitement for the natural world.


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