Fernow Renovation Update 8-30-12

Here is another update on the Fernow renovation.

The south side of Fernow (to your right as you are entering the front door) has been terraced to let more light into the ground floor offices.  Each terrace will be planted and I have told the contractors that they have to provide small ladders so the frogs can escape (they actually think I am serious).  Here is what it looks like from the outside:


..and from the inside (view through the bottom half of one of the office windows):


The roof of the new classroom has been poured.  This will be a green roof.  The sedums and other plants are actually growing at a nursery in Trumansburg, but they are planning to wait until spring to install.  Here is what the roof looks like from the south side of Fernow looking north:


…and from one of the first floor corner offices facing east:


There has been a lot of progress on the third floor.  Here is the third floor conference room (I am standing at the top of the stairs facing north) with the doors to two grad student offices on the right and left.


Here is one of the graduate student offices:


Here is one of the new skylights in the graduate student offices.  There are photovoltaic (PV) solar panels in each of the skylights that will generate the power for the displays on the first floor of Fernow.