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  Cornell University

Mothers' Rooms at Cornell

Spaces for pumping/expressing breastmilk

Seneca Place – Room #2

Room Number: 329

Directions:  Room is located on the third floor.  Off of the elevator, go through the glass doors, straight ahead are two doorways, the doorway for the lactation room is room number 329 on the right.  Note:  Building visitors must check in at the reception desk of the fourth floor first.  The fourth floor is closed and locked outside of the hours of 8am-5pm.

Features: Refrigerator

Proximity to sink: Near restroom

Access: Room is kept unlocked, unless in use

Scheduling: Outlook calendar is being used.  Contact the coordinator to request access to it.

Contact: Rachel Giordano – – 607-254-6213


Note: This room was funded in part by a grant received from the President’s Council for Cornell Women.