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  Cornell University

Mothers' Rooms at Cornell

Spaces for pumping/expressing breastmilk

Kennedy Hall

Room Number: 207

Directions: Take the elevator to the second floor.  When you get off the elevator go around the corner to the right and walk down the hallway until you find another hallway on the right hand side.   Room 207 is the first room on the right.     

Features: Comfortable chair, refrigerator, sound machine, quiet location.

Proximity to sink: Individuals will need to use the restroom at the end of the hall near the elevator.

Access: Room is kept locked and key must be signed out.

Scheduling: Reserve using Outlook under the name “KENNEDY LACTATION ROOM 207.”

Contact: Susan Drew – 410 Kennedy Hall – – 255-8951


Note: This room was partially funded by a grant received from the President’s Council for Cornell Women.