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Naming the Egyptian revolution

“Tahrir Square” participants in the recent events in Egypt expressed annoyance when some news organizations referred to them as ‘protests’ (or unrest, riots/rioting, revolt, uprising, intifadah …) rather than as a ‘revolution’.  Some news organizations used ‘Lotus’ to refer to the Egyptian events. The following list of references to the events is from various Arabic […]

Egyptian Revolution الثورة الشعبية المصرية

Egyptian Revolution الثورة الشعبية المصرية BLOG & MORE by Sawt al-Niswa The Niswa (women) are feminist writers, artists and activists working towards changing  their realities by taking the initiative to build a space representing and reflecting on the social, political and intellectual experiences of women living in the Arab region. * تعمل على “صوت النسوة” […]

Egyptian Revolution 2011 يناير الثورة المصرية في يوم الغضب

Egyptian Revolution 25/1/ 2011 يناير الثورة المصرية في يوم الغضب Egypt’s Last Pharaoh? The Rise and Fall of Hosni Mubarak BLOG Egyptian Chronicles ********************************************************************* A Facebook for the Egyptian revolution: كلنا خالد سعيد We are all Khaled Said ********************************************************************* On Jan. 26, the day after protests erupted that eventually forced Mr. Mubarak from office, Egypt’s […]

Egypt: Revolution at Hand?

BLOG / By Denis J. Sullivan and Kimberly Jones Egypt is undergoing a major social and political transformation—perhaps even of a revolutionary nature. This process, characterized by mass, popular protests (largely nonviolent) has been cause for much speculation and collective head-scratching by those watching from the sidelines. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have taken to […]

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