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Journées théâtrales de Carthage (JTC) – Tunisia’s Carthage Theatre Days)

The 15th edition of the Carthage Theater Days (JTC) wrapped up after a week of shows paying homage to the Tunisian revolution under a new decentralized cultural program. More than 60 performances for January 6th-13th event took place across the country.

The opening show, “The Man with the Donkey”, directed by Fadel Jaziri, was a play inspired by the novelist Ezzeddine Al-Madani’s “Revolution of the Man with the Donkey”. It combines choreographed dance, narration, lighting effects and audio technology and, through its plot, evoked the uprising of Sidi Bouzid and the death of Mohamed Bouazizi that started the revolution.

For the first time in the festival’s history, the streets of the capital also saw diverse activist performances. A huge inaugural show was programmed, focused on a procession teams from the cavalry, security, police, army and national guard as well as theater troupes touring the main streets of the capital.

Performers came from across the globe for the event, with actors from Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon and Kuwait as well as from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.


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