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Libya’s Uprising / Revolution ثورة ليبيا

Revolution In Libya Libya: 17 February, 2011- “شبر شبر بيت بيت دار دار زنقا زنقا فرد فرد” [Early in the uprising, Gaddafi threatened those who opposed him to pursue and fight them ‘inch by inch, house by house, alley by alley [zanga zanga] …  A tautology that’s worked at his own expense in the end.] […]

Constituent Assembly Elections in Tunisia, 23 October, 2011

Tunisian Constituent Assembly election, 2011 One of the earlier demands of  demonstrations following the 14 January, 2011 revolution that ousted the Tunisian dictatorship (and the resignation of the first interim government) was the formation of a Constituent Assembly. On 3 March, 2011, Tunisia’s interim government announced that an election for a Constituent Assembly would be […]


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