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Watch me or listen to me

Various talks that I’ve given are available online in video or audio format. They include:

2007, October: “Science in Books after World War II,” delivered at Trust in Science workshop (Toronto, Canada),

2007, November: “Imagination and Science,” delivered at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY),

2009, Spring: Communication in the Life Sciences, class session at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY),

2011, June: “Why YOU should care about public understanding of science,” delivered at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel),

2011, October: “Talking about Complex Issues” (a talk-show with my colleague Poppy McLeod on public radio station WSKG in upstate New York),

2012, April: “Four Questions about Scientific Communication” (I’m one of four people interviewed during the International Conference on Public Communication of Science & Technology, Florence, Italy),

2012, April: “Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy panel discussion” at Villanova University (I’m part of a panel talking with science filmmaker Randy Olson about his use of film to communicate science),

2013, May: “Recreation and PCST,” keynote address at 13th Conference of Network on Popularization of Science & Technology in Latin America & the Caribbean  (RedPOP), in Zacatecas, Mexico,

2013, May: “Communicating Science Today,” interview by Edith Escalon, University of Veracruz, Mexico (this is part of a series of interviews taped at the RedPOP meeting in Zacatecas, Mexico),

2013, August, “The ‘problem’ of public understanding of science: Public knowledge of, attitudes towards, and interest in science,” audio and slides from presentation to US National Academy of Sciences Roundtable on Public Interfaces of the Life Sciences (Washington, DC),

2013, October, “Science communication in the media,” audio only from a talk at the International Seminar on Science and Innovation Cultures, Ramon Areces Foundation, Madrid, Spain (link) (slides from the talk).

2013, December, “Frictions and momentum” (or, if you prefer, “challenges and opportunities”), introductory remarks to panel at National Academy of Science Roundtable on Public Interfaces of the Life Sciences workshop on “Sustainable Infrastructures for Life Science Communication,” Washington, DC,

2014, January, “Issues in public interfaces” (summary of 1st day of workshop on “Sustainable Infrastructures for Life Science Communication”), with Rick Borchelt, Washington, DC,

2014, June, “Deficits, Dialogues, and Deniers,” keynote address at the 2nd Science Communication Conference of Portugal, held in Porto, Portugal,

2014, June, interviewed by Ricardo Braga on TVU (the TV station of the University of Porto, Portugal) in advance of my presentation at the 2nd Science Communication Conference of Portugal,

2014, July, interviewed by Luis Azevedo Rodrigues for his “Ciência Viva à Conversa” podcast, during the 2nd Science Communication Conference of Portugal in June 2015 (questions are in Portuguese, my responses in English), (2 July 2014) and  (9 July 2014)

2016, February, talk on the politics of public engagement models, presented to a U.S. National Academy of Sciences committee on “Committee on Human Gene Editing: Scientific, Medical and Ethical Considerations,” (11 February 2016).

2018, August, pre-recorded lecture on “Research challenges in science communication,” prepared for master’s course on science communication research at Fiocruz/Museu da Vida in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Following the pre-recorded lecture, I answered questions via Skype, but that’s not on the video. (6 August 2018)

2019, March, podcast “Should all scientists be visible on social media,” episode 1 of podcast Sharing Science (produced by Aviv Sharon and Yael Barel Ben-David of the Technion/Israel Institute of Technology Faculty of Education in Science and Technology) (recorded in June 2017, released 2 March 2019).

[last edited: 29 May 2019]