About me

You’ve come to the right place if:
  • You are looking for Lauren Thiersch’s blog (hi Mom & Dad)
  • You want to learn about what it’s actually like to be a Cornell student (hi prospective students)
  • You want to reminisce about the good ol’ days (hi  alums)
  • You want to see if I’m worth hiring (hi recruiters)

I’m Lauren Thiersch and I’m a senior at Cornell University.


I’ll be graduating in May 2016 from the School of Hotel Administration (I was accepted off the waitlist). I came to the hotel school really interested in food and beverage, but my “dream job” has been ever-changing, evolving from:

Here was what I was thinking last semester.

Here’s what I’m thinking in my final semester:


Anyway-there’s a bit about me. Enjoy clicking around my blog!! Feel free to comment if there are topics you’d like  me to write about.