Dear Cornell Freshmen

Dear Cornell freshman,

Wish you were here! Kidding! You will be soon.

College signing day just passed…which means if you’re reading this, you’re probably getting ready to start an amazing four years at CORNELL! Here’s my advice for incoming freshers:’

Take a deep breath

You did it. You made it to Cornell. You’re potentially feeling some combination of excited/nervous/scared.  The good thing is that everyone feels the exact same way. Over the next four years, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and its all just beginning now.  Relax and understand that some of it is out of your control.



You’re gonna have a loooot of free time-find ways to fill it

Emphasis on the “LOOOOOT.” This is the weirdest transition and might mess with you.  Find things to do (including school work) so that you’re not spending every spare moment on Netflix.

do anything and everything on campus

Join clubs! Join random sports teams! Go to running club and accidentally run with the most advanced group and never return. This is what freshman year is all about.

Make as many friends as possible

In your first semester, make as many friends as possible.  Wherever you go, just be friendly and you will find people that you get along with and that are interested in the same things as you are. Weird places I made friends my freshman year:

    • On my freshman dorm’s facebook group the summer before coming to Cornell
    • At the swim test
    • Friends of friends of friends of friends
    • PE class (specifically basketball)
    • At RPCC (dining hall)

You won’t necessarily stay friends with everyone you meet, but the few who you really click with will make all of the socializing worth it.

Try to have school spirit

Hey, I know our sports teams aren’t necessarily on par with the state schools out there.  But that means most of our sports games are free/affordable! And still fun to go to. You will meet a lot of student athletes in your classes, your dorm, and on campus, and its nice to support your friends.

take the classes you want to take

There are a ton of awesome classes at Cornell.  Specifically PE classes, like ballroom dancing, juggling.  Don’t fall into the “I’ll do it next semester” trap-do it now or else you may never get the chance! The good thing about Cornell is that there are so many fun classes to take-you’ll never be able to take every single one.

Have fun

Sincerely, Lauren