4 Quintessential Cornell Things…I never did

Today I measured myself for my graduation cap & gown. I understand that you’d like to hear more hard-hitting information from me such as what I’ll do after I graduate in May. I would also like to know. But I don’t. I’ll keep you updated as soon as my future is clearer.

Until then, I’ll outline

4 Quintessential Cornell things…I haven’t done
  1. Join a sorority

This is a pretty big one at Cornell. I never even rushed-and for a number of reasons.  One being that I dreaded returning to Ithaca winter a week early for the rush process. Another reason is that I never 100% felt like there was a place for me in the greek system.  Luckily, I’m outgoing enough that I have made friends on my own.  But, it has definitely been more difficult at a school with a big “greek” population and being in a seemingly “greek” major (<90% of hotelies “go greek”).

2. Spend a summer in Ithaca

People rave about how beautiful summers are here and how much fun it is to stay in town for the nicest months of the year.  Its hard for hotelies because of the pressure to get a summer job every summer.  I haven’t spent a summer in Ithaca simply because the jobs I’ve found have been out of town. However, I strongly recommend that you do stay-as a Hotelie, your best bet is to stay in town the summer after your freshman year when all you need is a basic hotel/restaurant operations job.


3. Go to Dragon Day

I’ve never been in town for Dragon Day-mostly because I’m always itching to get out of Ithaca and kickstart my spring break.  It sounds like a lot of fun though-here’s what this year’s looked like:




4. Pull an all-nighter

I’ve never IN MY LIFE “pulled an all-nighter.” Parents reading this who don’t know what that means? “Pulling an all-nighter” means you didn’t have time to sleep because you had so much work to do that you worked through the night surviving off of 5 hour energy and coffee.  I’ve never had to do this probably because I don’t have the physical ability to function the next day.  I have so many friends (especially pre-med) that pull all-nighters frequently, but it really changes from person to person.

Stay tuned for a post with advice for FRESHMEN! Admitted students for the Class of 2020 would have just been admitted/rejected/waitlist (PTSD) so this post will be super relevant.