Spring Break 2016

Senior year…spring break….guess where I went?

You’re probably imagining a lot of this:

And this:

And this:

Nope! Not for me! Where did I go? *drumroll please?*

Instead, I went to:norway5

That’s right! Ithaca wasn’t cold enough for me.

I spent almost two weeks visiting the Norwegian friends I met during my semester in Australia!

I first went to my friend’s hometown, Larvik.

Larvik is a cute town where I saw my first fjord (=D) and got the Norwegian small town experience. I spent Easter here and got to meet a lot of Norwegians-everyone was incredibly nice and spoke some degree of English.


From Larvik, I went with one of my friends to Oslo, where she gave me an awesome tour of the city!

Walking through most of the city, I saw the King & Queen’s castle and their pretty cool looking opera house:



From Oslo, I went to Lillehammer: home of the 1994 Winter Olympics AND setting of the TV show Lilyhammer (available on Netflix-I highly recommend). I got to see the rest of my friends and reunite, considering its been a year since I last saw them!

What’s cool about Lillehammer is that everything from the Olympics is still in the city and still used regularly (training facilities, etc.).  This is the view from the top of the ski jump.  I climbed it while I was there-all 963 steps!


I also went to my friends cabin-an authentic Norwegian cabin in the mountains:

norway3 norway2

Overall it was an awesome way to de-stress and spend time with old friends.

Not all spring breaks are like the ones you see in movies! Some are better 🙂