HADM 3650: Restaurant Management

I mentioned a few weeks ago  that I’m in the hotel’s schools Restaurant Management class this semester.

Restaurant Management is a core class for Hotelies; we have class one night/week, where we help serve, cook, or manage the student-run restaurant, Establishment.

Basically the 30 of us students in the Monday class are the staff of the entire restaurant. This same class is offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday-so Establishment runs like a normal restaurant, open to the public!

Each week we take turns managing the restaurant in groups of 2 or 3.  So every Monday, a couple of people in my class are “managers” of the restaurant, ensuring that the kitchen and dining room operate seamlessly.  They choose the menu theme and guide the rest of the staff through a successful night like at a normal restaurant.

Last week was my management night. I worked with one of my best friends to prepare for our management night, completing seemingly unending assignments and working on the funnest part-choose the menu theme: Green Eggs & Ham!


Here’s what our specials menus looked like-a pesto pizza and cobb salad:




My friend, Kai, was the kitchen manager and I was the dining room manager.  Our families and some of our friends came and overall the night was a success. This is us at the end of the shift!