Uh I’m a Senior

The best way I can start off blogging through senior year is to take a little trip back in time:

I started my Cornell experience…on the waitlist…read about part 1 and part 2 here.

I began my first year at Cornell really happy to be here of course! I’m avoiding linking to any of my posts about Freshman year…they’re embarrassing for me to read now because I sound like such a ….well…freshman- but if you’d like to see them feel free to go read!


That first year I learned how to deal with winters and as a result, appreciate sunlight.

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I returned to Cornell as a sophomore excited to live on West Campus– not to say that didn’t come with a few challenges. I took you through

With all the smarty pants at Cornell, sometimes it leaves you feeling dumb:

21 Sure Signs You're A College Senior

But not too dumb-because I landed a job working at Starwood Hotels & Resorts HQ, and then Junior year began!

I had only one semester at Cornell my junior year before it was time for me to study in Australia for a semester! During that fall semester at Cornell I:

While Cornell is cool and all…in December I left the states to spend roughly 6 months in the ever-glorious AUSTRALIA.

During my time in Australia, I

This time in Australia was the best 6 months of my life. Luckily, I recently became an Australian citizen (because my dad is from Australia). Hopefully I can go back after graduation and maybe even work there!

I returned from Australia in May and quickly set off to work at the Bay Club for the summer.

And here I am in my senior year when it feels like I was just moving onto campus, and making these memories listed above. I’m experiencing a mix of emotions this year, including excitement, stress, happiness, sadness, hunger, you know-all of those normal emotions.


It seems like now, the pressure is on.

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But I can’t forget that this is my last year