At the end of my semester in Australia, I traveled to Bali, an island of Indonesia. It is home to Indonesia’s Hindu minority population and is the most popular tourist destination in the country, largely because of its beautiful beaches and wicked surf.

So what did I do there?

Visited some friends who live in Medewi-where we ate amazing food and learned to surf, all just a few minutes from beautiful black sand beaches!

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We also took a visit to the Ubud Monkey forest  which was scary to say the least.


If you buy a couple of bananas, the monkeys will jump on you and eat the bananas-some more aggressive than others. Some just grab bananas from  you and run away, others play with your hair, and the worst ones climb up your body and accidentally pull your clothes off. I chose not to purchase bananas and the monkeys didn’t bother me ((thank goodness)).


There are really beautiful temples and statues all over the island:


I even had the chance to try Luwak coffee, which is considered a delicacy and is pricey in other countries but it comes from Indonesia so its much cheaper there!




I was even able to relate lessons from my sustainable tourism class to my trip to Bali. Unfortunately, pollution in Indonesia leaves the ocean full of debris. Even when we were surfing in Medewi, there was a lot of garbage in the ocean. It made me realize that tourism in Bali really is not sustainable, because there are too many people visiting the country (one of many) that does not have a proper waste management system. There are no landfills or recycling centers so the ocean is the only place for garbage to go.

“A new terminal at Bali’s airport is due for completion in 2013. But unless other infrastructure is improved, this will serve only to channel more tourists onto a critically overburdened island. For now, however, such doubts are largely forgotten in the rush to cash in on the Bali boom. “Goodness shouts, evil whispers,” runs an overused local proverb. But money talks.”

Trash Slick

My next post will cover information about my summer job! Here’s a little hint.

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