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Hi Mom Hi Dad (and other readers)

You requested I write about my classes here in Australia so this is probably you right now:


Meanwhile this is me:

  • Since I’m an abroad student in the Hotel School, my grades here are entirely pass/fail. I’m just taking class for the credits and my grades don’t affect my GPA at all.
  • Each class has one two-hour lecture and one two-hour tutorial (equivalent to American ‘sections’) each week.
  • There are no teaching assistants like there are in the US/at Cornell; instead, teachers do all their own grading and everything, and if you have a question you ask them directly.
  • The grading system here is pretty much nothing like the American system; rather than getting points taken off of 100%, you build up your grade from 0. This is taken from one of my lecture slides:


So I’m taking four classes here:

Australian History

Exactly what it sounds like. We learn about aboriginals, the settlement of the convicts, etc. Your basic history class!

Sustainable Tourism

My favorite class of my junior year and possibly my entire college experience. We have a visiting professor from Germany (Harald Zeiss) who actually works in the industry but has come to Bond for the semester to teach the class! We learn about why air travel is so bad for the environment, why some Caribbean tourist destinations leave the locals in poverty, animal welfare, carrying capacity, etc.

Watch this video that we saw in class. It’s eye opening:


I haven’t learned any Spanish since 5th grade (10 years ago!) so my knowledge of Spanish was limited to a few numbers, colors, and whatever I pick up from Shakira songs. Now I can at least string together basic sentences! Wohoo!

The Carlton

Adventure Tourism

This is what my class is all about. Just kidding. We learn about motivation and leadership in hospitality and also take some pretty cool field trips. Two weeks ago we went rock climbing and today we went sailing!


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