Gorge Hiking and Swimming

Now that I have my car on campus, I feel so….FREE

This means I can go wherever I want whenever I want (ok not really).

The good thing about Ithaca, though is that there are some really nice places to see the outdoors. 


So last weekend I went hiking over at Buttermilk Falls State Park! They have gorge swimming in addition to some pretty sweet hiking trails:





Featuring my blogs biggest fan who also happens to be my good friend, Kate! Kate you’re on my blog you must be peeing your pants right now.



There are a ton of other places to enjoy the outdoors in Ithaca including Taughannock State Falls,  Treman State Park, or Stewart Park (shown below)


If you’re visiting campus any time soon, now is the best time to explore the outdoors  offer before winter sets in! That also means going to Apple Festival and going on haunted hayrides!

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