HA 2360: Part 2

Last week in culinary lab, we focused on making bread, cake, angel food cake, and crepes.

To learn how to make bread dough, our chefs used some high-tech gear and displayed the process on TV’s while each group made dough at their own stations:



The dough turned out well!


Shaping the dough into baguettes


Here is our chocolate angel food cake with raspberry whipped cream! Beautiful right? Those are my piping skills!

(caramel apple and blue cheese crepes in the background)



Then this week, we focused on making pies, strudel, creme brulee, chocolate mousse, and sabayon, an addicting Italian custard.

The process of making flaky pie dough is a lot easier than you might think.  The trick to a flaky crust is not completely mixing the butter into the dough.  Leaving chunks of butter in the dough ensures that once rolled out, the layers of butter melt between the layers of starch and create that flaky crust that everyone loves!

As a class, we made our pie dough dough together; 12 pounds=12 pies worth of dough!


This is blueberry pie, with a thermometer in the top as we tried to get it to 180 degrees F.  Our pies weren’t cooking fast enough because people kept opening and closing the oven.


Chocolate Mousse, the best I’ve ever had. I’ll post the recipe someday!


Sabayon with berries and caramel because why not get fancy?







3 thoughts on “HA 2360: Part 2

  1. Yep! We usually divide all of our food among the four people in our group. If some people don’t want some items, we simply get to take more home!! It works out great. My group made pie, strudel, and creme brulee last week so we got to take that all home. The previous week, I got to take home about 1.5 baguettes worth of bread!

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