Cornell: A Pepsi Campus

For those of you that don’t know, Cornell is a Pepsi campus.  This means that Pepsi has a contract with Cornell so that Cornell is only allowed to sell Pepsi beverages.   As a Coke fan, this sucks.

aBut Cornell as a result, receives a higher commission for every Pepsi product they sell. Thus, in Cornell dining halls and cafes, soda dispensers only serve Pepsi products, and there are only Pepsi vending machines on campus.Coke and Pepsi own most of the drinks you see on supermarket shelves.  You may not have known this because Coke and Pepsi buy out new drink companies all the time (Pepsi most recently acquired Naked Juice).


So how does a Pepsi contract limit students’ choices? What do you prefer? What am I missing out on? Let’s take a look, shall we?

We begin with the obvious


Lemon-Lime Sodas

hRoot Beer


Fruit Smoothies


Orange Juice


Fruit-flavored soft drinks


Sports Drinks (I have to say I prefer Gatorade, so Pepsi wins this battle)


Flavored water anyone?


Even water is owned by Coke and Pepsi!




It’s a bit shocking, isn’t it? To know that what you’ve been drinking for years is really all owned by the same company? If you visit the PepsiCo or Coca-Cola websites, you can learn more about these companies as well.  If there are any drinks you haven’t seen here, they may be owned by third-party Dr.Pepper Snapple Group….

Although I am a huge Coca-Cola fan, it doesn’t appear that Cornell will be changing it’s policy any time in the near future….Cornell recently honored PepsiCo with the new auditorium in Stocking Hall. 

So what’s a Coke fan to do? Mac’s and Terrace, eateries in Statler Hall, are the only places on campus that serve Coca-Cola…yet another perk of being a Hotelie!


 **Disclaimer: I took all of these photos myself so it was a lot of work.  I had to go off campus to get pictures of most of these Coke products!


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