My Spring 2013 Schedule

Here’s an idea of what my schedule is like this semester! It comes to a grand total of 18 credits :/


HADM 2360: Food Service Management, Theory and Practice

Taught by Professor Rupert Spies , this is a core class introducing Hotelie sophomores to food and beverage operations through food composition and properties, food products and preparation, and food safety. Every Monday and Friday we have lecture, and once/week, students have a three hour food lab where we learn how to cook in kitchens.   We are also required to complete a five-hour practicum in the Statler Hotel back-of-the-house area.  Including two other books, every student is required to have a knife set handy.



HADM 2550: Hospitality Development and Planning 

This core sophomore Hotel Adminstration class teaches students about the development and planning mainly of hotels, and partially of restaurants. Course components include the project development sequence, conceptual and space planning, architectural design criteria, construction management, and the interpretation of architectural design and consultant drawings.   On the first day of class, we watched this awesome video about the W Barcelona, the same brand hotel that I worked at over the winter!

Phil 1440: Ethics of Eating

This is a 4 credit elective in the philosophy department that discusses the moral decision we face several times a day in deciding what to eat.  Topics include: how facts about animal life and death inform the decision of what to eat, if the suffering in meat, egg and dairy production is bad enough to make the practices immoral, how our dietary choices affect local and non-local economies and the environment, and how to make educated and reasonable choices about what we eat given the expanding world population and a need for food.  The goal of this course is to give students the basic tools required to reflect on these topics effectively.  This semester, I’ll be visiting a local slaughterhouse, reading important books like Eating AnimalsThe Omnivore’s Dilemna, Food for Thought and Food Ethics, and watching a number of movies and documentaries about food.  Last night in class, I watched King Corn which you can watch completely free on hulu here.  For class today, I also read this article called “Consider the Lobster” by David Foster Wallace (he was a great writer) about the process of preparing lobster and how it can (or can not be) done humanely. If you don’t have time to watch King Corn , I highly suggest you read this article!  This is definitely the class I’m most excited for this semester.

HADM 2210: Managerial Accounting 

This course focuses on the use of accounting information for management decision making and control. Students will learn about product costing, budgeting, management decision making, and control systems. I’m not exactly excited by accounting so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

HADM 2810: Human Resource Management 

In this class, we learn about the fundamentals of Human resource management.  We learn about job analysis, human resource planning, recruiting, employment selection, compensation, incentives, benefits, and labor relations -among other things.

PE 1340: Juggling

If Cornell isn’t already, it should be famous for its wide variety of Physical Education classes . I’ve always wanted to learn how to juggle so I managed to convince a few friends to take it with me.  The first class is tonight and I can’t wait!

Here are just a few of my textbooks for this semester.  I find almost all of my classes this semester incredibly interesting, and that makes it much easier to do my work!




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