Scoliosis Part 2

As I indicated in my first post about a year ago, I have been diagnosed with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, since 2005.  At the turn of the new year, I calculated the number of hours I wore my back brace and it’s quite surprising:

5 years x 20 hours x 365 days/year = 36,500 hours

I went back to my scoliosis doctor over winter break and took another x-ray to see if my scoliosis has improved at all.  Here is my x-ray:

scoliosiss2While I grew 1/8 of an inch, unfortunately, the degrees of my spine haven’t gotten any better in the last year.  After talking to my doctor, he recommended that I do specific Schroth breathing and exercises/physical therapy 1 hour/day to strengthen my back muscles.  I’ve been trying really hard to stick to this daily regimen over the past few weeks because it’s quite disappointing not to see results after wearing my brace for so long.  Hopefully doing this physical therapy will help relieve my back pain and ultimately make my spine straighter.

If you’d like to understand a bit more about the history of scoliosis including treatment options, check out this video by expert scoliosis doctor Brett Diaz, who works with my own spine doctors!


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