Thanksgiving 2013

I got back yesterday from a hectic, fun-filled Thanksgiving break.  

Last Tuesday was the first ‘real’ snow of the year, in that everything was covered in a nice white sheet of snow-even the gorges:


My dad came to pick me up last Wednesday after my Finance class.  We stopped at my Dad’s favorite restaurant along the way, Bingham’s. It’s a large family, diner-ish restaurant that serves pretty good food at cheap prices.  Above all, they specialize in making pies!  Here’s a slice of the raspberry pie he ordered.  (Fun fact: I actually hate fruit pies…I know…so un-American)

I got back on Wednesday afternoon and baked an amazing key-lime pie and pumpkin whoopie pies with maple cream in preparation for Thanksgiving.  I spent Thursday with all of my family and actually carved our 23 pound turkey!

On Friday, I stopped by Rutgers University so my Mom (a Rutgers professor) and my sister (a Rutgers student) could give my cousin a quick tour.  That’s when I spotted this bicycle in the parking lot! It has its own motor and fuel tank!

Then on Friday night, I celebrated thanksgiving with my friends: “friendsgiving” and got to see them all again.  We had an overwhelming number of desserts:

The rest of the weekend I spent running errands and trying to relax before my return on Sunday!

This week is the last week of classes, and final exams are taking place over the next two weeks.  We have a study period from next Monday-Wednesday, and then the exams begin.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. The snow is so beautiful!

    The idea of “friendsgiving” is brilliant! Did you manage to convince anybody to visit you up in Ithaca?

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