My posts have been scarce lately because I had the flu…which was awful as you could expect, but I’m feeling better now, thank goodness.

The Hotel School Career Fair was on Tuesday and I had a few interviews this week so that has also taken up a lot of my time! I’ll write my next post about the career fair and all the amazing job opportunities offered to hotelies!

It’s also first-year parents weekend starting today, so there have been a lot of people on campus and there will be for the next few days!! Check out the cornell homepage right now- its linked straight to my blog! Having more readers is always a great thing! http://www.cornell.edu/

BUT yesterday was Halloween!! I decorated my room with lots of lights, etc. and here is a window in my room with decorations sent in an awesome care package from my Aunt! Notice the bats in the corner…. they’ve been following me around everywhere ever since I found bats in my dorm.


There were a lot of events on West campus designed to get students excited about Halloween.  Last week, there was a pumpking carving workshop in my dorm! I carved a really intricate spider web in my pumpkin, so it started to dry up really quickly before I was able to snap a good picture.  I set my pumpkin outside my dorm and some other people followed suit!

Last Friday, HEC also  put on a special Halloween themed event with apple cider, apple spice cake, and lots of candy! It was a lot of fun! I didn’t tak any pictures from the event but here’s  the billboard in the Statler advertising for it!

This past Saturday night, there was a West-Campus Halloween dance

On Saturday, I went on a haunted hayride with some friends at Toro Run WineryIt was so much fun!  While we waited for the wagon to come, me and some friends noticed that they had a decorated hearse with a coffin inside, and it was set up so you could take pictures inside the coffin.  I went in to take a picture and a skeleton jumped into the picture too.  Needless to say I was shocked/suprised/scared as you can see in this candid shot

Yesterday, on actual Halloween, there were a good amount of students dressed up around campus.  For my marketing class, HADM 2430: Marketing Management for Services  my professor allowed us to dress up in costumes for extra credit. I snapped a picture of some friends before class:

A classic ghost, and good ol’ Charlie Brown!

My professor had all the students who dressed up parade around the classroom to show off their costumes-it felt like elementary school when we had Halloween parades:

Some friends presenting their work to the class….in Halloween costumes:

Last night, Flora Rose House (my dorm) also arranged trick-or treating for students!! I got a lot of candy and also some treats like this adorable cookie!

So there’s an idea of what my Halloween was like.  I hope yours was fun too!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun this Halloween! Love your blog. So sorry you were sick, keep healthy. Love, Aunt Kathy

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