A Day in the Life of a Hotelie

Upon walking into the Statler, I’m instantly greeted by some free Chai Lattes, courtesy of the Beverage Club! (Free food is typical in the Hotel School)

Next I head into the newly renovated Marriott Student Lounge to check my mail.  Every student in the hotel school has one of these mailboxes: 

Where teachers give back graded homework or exams.  Here’s mine! Let’s see what’s inside:

Oh what’s this?

A flyer for HEC!

This year for HEC, I’m a Guest Experiences Manager.  This means that I talk to registered HEC guests throughout the year, helping them coordinate travel plans, and be their concierge for the weekend.  I greet them upon arrival to the hotel and help them throughout the weekend.  Some pretty famous people have come in the past, so I’m interested to see who will be coming this year!

Next, I go to class – Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, where we are required to dress in business casual attire.
For girls, this could mean:

  • A pair of dress pants and a blouse (most popular)
  • A dress
  • A suit (but not that many do)

For guys, this could mean

  • A dress shirt, tie and slacks
  • A suit (most popular)

I had some of my friends pose for an impromptu modeling shoot! Looking dapper as ever:

The speaker was Petter Stordalen, Norwegian hotel tycoon, owner and CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels.  He was probably the most entertaining speaker I’ve ever seen for Dean’s in my time at Cornell.  His presentation was atypical to say the least…



There’s also free food after class…a necessity for any hotelie event.

Later that day, Gimme! Coffee was doing a presentation for Beverage Club with a tasting-like I said, free food is a recurring theme in the Hotel School! Gimme! Coffee is a specialty coffee co. that started in Ithaca that now has multiple locations throughout New York. They also run a few of the cafe’s here on campus, including the new cafe opening in Bill and Melinda Gates Hall.  They brewed three different batches of Kenyan coffee, which were each ground at different times.  The coffee that was ground that day tasted a lot more sour than the coffee that was ground earlier.

So there’s a little sneak peek of what its like to be a Hotelie!  Is there anything I missed that you wanted to see??


6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Hotelie

  1. @Lauren: Great stuff, Lauren. I do have to say I do look rather dapper 😉
    @Doug: I applied as an ED myself!!! Can’t wait to meet you in Ithaca, Doug.

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