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I’ve been here at Cornell for two weeks and I’m all moved in and everything!

First of all, on move in day, I found a bat in the toilet of the girls bathroom in my hall! It was swimming and trying to get out…luckily my Mom found a janitor to come and rescue it!  That night at about midnight, I went back in the bathroom to brush my teeth and what do I see? Another bat! Hanging upside down, sleeping on the screen of the window.  Here is a picture of it, sleeping on the *inside* of the screen:

Ironically, I found a bat in my suite last year sleeping in the exact same position…which makes it even funnier that I saw two bats this year! Its safe to say that I have a certain fondness for bats now.

This year I’m living on West Campus, which is where all upperlevel students live, if they choose to live on campus, and not in fraternity houses, sorority houses, co-ops, or in Collegetown.  There are five dorms in the West Campus house system (1. Keeton, 2. Hans Bethe, 3. Flora Rose, 4. Becker, 5. Cook) that each have their own amazing dining halls on the bottom floor!

I live in Founders Hall, one of the Gothic buildings that is a part of Flora Rose House.  Unfortunately, because it is a Gothic building and therefore older than the other newly built dorms, we do not have laundry facilities in our building (we have to go to other buildings for laundry), we do not have our own dining hall, and we do not have air conditioning.  Having no air conditioning is probably the worst right now because its incredibly hot in my room (I’m on the 3rd floor) and my legs are covered in poison ivy…which only makes me want to itch even more!

Regardless, I really love living on West! I get an extra workout everyday while climbing Libe Slope.

Here’s a view of my building:


The West campus house system is designed to create a close-knit atmosphere of students who live, study, and eat in the same community.  I love it so far and will post in the future more great things about living on West campus!!

Here are a few views of my room!

Since I’m in a three room triple, our rooms are separated by doorways, as shown here!

Here are some close-ups of the art I put up around my room-The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dali

And a watercolor painting I did in high school!:


And that’s basically my housing situation for the year! Comment with any other questions you have about dorms and housing or other areas I didn’t cover!

5 thoughts on “Gothic Living

  1. So you don’t have to move off campus after Sophomore year? I thought upper classpeople had to move out of the dorms after 2 years.

  2. Thanks, I’ll check out your blog! And Mary, most people move off campus especially after their sophomore year because it is so hard to get housing on campus. A select few live in dorms after their sophomore year, while most others live in Collegetown or in fraternity/sorority houses and co-ops.

  3. I read your blog. my daughter just ended her freshman and she lived at Balch Hall. She was offered a room for her sophomore year at ‘Gothic Cook tower 0043 super single room’. I read your blog and i would love and appreciate if she can reach out to you and give her more information about the Gothic tower rooms and the social aspects of living there. She says it will feel lonely but she knows West campus location offers in house lottery for upperclassmen and it could be a great opportunity. Please let me know if you could be able to give her more information. Right now Emily is up in Ithaca taking a summer class and working on a summer program. Thank you very much and appreciate your help. Worried Mom.

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