Back to School!

I’M BACK!!!!

Its good to be here in Ithaca, coming to campus again and seeing old friends makes it seem like I never even left.

Orientation week (better known as o-week) is the week before classes start, when new students get acclimated to life at college, and upperclassmen make their way way back to campus.  There are dozens of events each day designed to help new students explore campus to learn about how they can get involved in joining A capella groups, student government, Greek life, volunteer work, or just meet new people!

I came back early to train as an Orientation Leader during o-week.  I was assigned a group of freshmen students in the Hotel School, and met with them throughout the week, showing them around and answering their questions! Training started pretty early in in Bailey Hall-

Click here to watch a video I took of the Orientation Steering Committee greeting all of the Orientation Leader volunteers early in the morning!!

I also volunteered at events throughout o-week, including at move in day (helping the freshmen move in), a transfer student dinner, and at a tour of the Cornell plantations!

I’ve been here for about a week now and classes just began today.  It’s been pretty hectic here, and of course it has already stormed a few times:

I also took advantage of the Dump and Run this year.  The Dump and Run organization collects items that students would otherwse throw out at the end of the school year.  Dump and Run then sells back these items at a very inexpensive price, donating all proceeds to charity!  Unfortunately I didn’t have any space in my room for more stuff, but my friends landed some good deals!

They had tons of mini-fridges that worked perfectly…these were all only $25 each!

They also had a seemingly endless stock of desks and chairs which were only $15 each!

My next post will be about my dorm room and living on West campus, but here is a sneak peek of the view from one of the windows in my room! 




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