HEC: Saturday!

Saturday night was the final night of the HEC weekend, during which there was a dinner and closing cocktail. ┬áIf you aren’t sure what HEC is, see this post.

The dinner was designed beautifully in the Statler ballroom:

Saturday’s Gala Banquet

The table setting! Beautiful

A group of servers practicing for service

Nice, right?

First course

The centerpieces

Katie serving up cheesecakes at employee dining!

Oreo cheesecake in break room yum

Back in the kitchen for lasagna!

The reveal

Getting the right number of pieces/pan with the right number of cuts

Ready to serve

Levi leading the team

Fried tofu

The return of the halibut!

Hi servers!

Mushroom lasagna:mushrooms, french onion “chip”, herb butter sauce

Arugula salad: truffle oil,

Ready to go!

Jackson on the move

Smile Rachel!


Savannah and Taylor cheesin’ it ( with jackson too i guess)

Halibut: bouillabaisse, white bean putree, squid-ink mussel sauce, gremolata crust
filet mignon: black garlic mash, creamed

This gives you a slight idea of how busy the kitchen was-too many people!

Filet mignon: black garlic mash, creamed spinach, bacon orzo gratin, smoked tomato emulsion

Chickpea tofu: whole-roasted eggplant, tomato marmalade

At the end of the night, all of the students who volunteered walking around the perimeter of the ballroom to show how much work went into the making of HEC

SATURDAY Closing Cocktail

At the closing cocktail, they transformed the Marriott student learning center into a pop icon nightclub!

This place doubles as our study area….yeah…

Chocolate covered fruit with POP ROCKS. It was pretty cool

Strawberry shooters

Mint parfait

Transformation of the student lounge!

Diana with her chocolate masterpiece

The student bartenders!

The bartenders getting artsy

The bartenders also getting silly

Katie again in the break room…the cheesecakes stop for no one!

celebrity chefs

the board members posing. i’m literally laughing out loud at this hahahah

more poses…..i can’t get enough of these hahah

my business computing TA and professor getting serious

clean up time =[


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  1. Hey thanks so much for replying to my comment! I’ll definitely stay in tune with your blog. Thanks so much for uploading these pictures/reflections all the time on the website.

    It makes me even more excited for SHA!

    This event looks super fun. Do you guys have a lot of events like these at SHA? And are they fun/helpful?

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