HEC: Wed/Thu

I had more fun this weekend than probably any other weekend at Cornell! Why? Because I wasn’t doing homework.  Because it was my first Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC) weekend and most certainly not my last!

To put it simply, HEC is an annual weekend-long, student-takeover of the Statler Hotel.   HEC is a showcase of everything that us Hotelies learn throughout the year and at HEC we can put this into practice.  While some of my friends created the menus and cooked for the banquet events this weekend, other friends of mine designed the events, or served and escorted guests to their rooms.  Some speakers included

Additionally, click this link to see the full program of events that took place this weekend!

I was a back-of-house (and occasionally front-of-house) photographer so I got to see many different sides to HEC and got to peek my head in just about everywhere!  (It also turns out that everyone in my foodservice operations class who volunteered got extra credit!) I got to try some amazing foods this weekend, (including pig heart and foie gras) and met a lot of new people.  I couldn’t be any happier with how my first HEC turned out. Instead of writing about it, I’ll just show you what I’ve been up to and why it’s been so long since I’ve written to you! Additionally, stay tuned for an even better post about Saturday night’s dinner and closing cocktail.


Darby-the pastry chef queen

Patrick hard at work

Will posing with his pork rinds

This is actually a candid photo-Francesca was VERY happy with how her green tea biscotti turned out!

The chocolate master…

…and her chocolates!

So much pasta

THURSDAY prep/ EGBOK dinner:

The lobster have arrived…

…5 boxes of them

Levi, the executive chef of HEC, introduces me to 1 of the 2 halibut

And the fileting begins

beautiful challah

Will deep frying for his event!

fabulous Alberta!

Plating up a storm!

Shawn and Levi getting a head start on plating!

The dinner on Thursday night was themed “EGBOK Mission” which stands for “Everything’s Gonna Be Ok”  It was a head to tail pork tasting, featuring everything from pig ears to pig hearts and it was a great concept!  Did I mention that I got to try every one of these dishes?

The dining room on Thursday night. First course was curly chicarones: pork rinds, lime coriander salt, green house sriracha aioli, chervil, chives, candied lime and lime segments

Cheeks: Butternut squash and curry beurre blanc, XO Anok sauce, clams, mistuba and tasoi


Brisket and Flank: Pho, Lemon basil, lime segments, meatball, pickled heart, rice noodles, and rich pork broth

Shoulder and Loin: Watercress puree, marinated oyster mushrooms, sherry vinegar, yellow celery hearts, yellow chervil, and tarragon.  A few of us were laughing because Levi loved putting herbs on herbs on herbs

Levi and the chefs breaking away from the kitchen to serve on their own

Belly: Ginger glazed belly, green papaya and green mango som tam, cilantro, and pickled ginger

Charcuterie and Cheese Platter: Humboldt Fog with Sesame Chip, Shaved celery and sumbaca alto adige speck and hot sopressata salame

just a few of the servers waiting to bring out the next course

Levi pouring liquid nitrogen onto this foam/cream to turn it into ice cream

Ashleigh on the next round

Turned out great!

Multi-Fashioned Apple: Lime sorbet, orange sucre, green apple snow, and sorrel

Quite possibly my favorite photo of the weekend. Executive chef Levi and pastry chef ashleigh fist pound after the last course has gone out.

6 thoughts on “HEC: Wed/Thu

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  3. It looked like everyone worked so hard, had a great time and the presenation was super!
    But I really didn’t see vegan options! )=

  4. There were no vegan options because none of the guests were vegan! All allergies and dietary restrictions were taken into account so the chefs knew exactly how many vegetarians there were and who was allergic to what ingredients.

  5. Hi Lauren!
    I just want to say it was wonderful running into you this weekend at HEC. I am so glad that you are enjoying your time at the hotel school. You did an amazing job of capturing the weekend through your photos. I hope you had some time to recover yesterday from all of the hard work you put into the conference!

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