MUSIC 1202: Classical Music from 1750 to the Present

This entire week I have been focusing on my midterm exam for my music class, MUSIC 1202: Classical Music from 1750 to the Present.

This semester so far we have studied symphonies, string quartets, program music, chamber music, concertos, sonatas, lieder, and French, Italian, and German opera.  Each day we have assigned readings in addition  to assigned listenings that we must complete before and after class to better learn the music. Here is a peek at the general outline of the course

This class is intended for students of all types; from music major undergraduate students to Johnson business school graduates to freshman in the Hotel School like me!  While I am not a music major, I took piano lessons for 7+ years and getting back into studying music is what drew me in!  So far this is my favorite class this semester because it is unlike any other one I’ve taken at Cornell. It’s refreshing to take classes outside of your major just for fun and its definitely something I recommend to all students.

For my exam specifically, this was about 1/3 of my grade:

So THIS was why I was freaking out.  I had to memorize all of these facts about dozens of works we’ve listened to.  A few of my favorites, though, include Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C MinorHaydn’s String Quartet in E Flat Major (“The Joke”)  , and Schubert’s Erlkönig .  This class has, among other things, made me truly appreciate classical music and I actually enjoy listening to it!

This class has also allowed me to discover the wonders of Lincoln Hall, the music building on the edge of campus.  Its safe to say that is is my favorite building on campus.  Why? 


The Library in Lincoln is filled with all sorts of small rooms and great views of the Arts quad, and its nearly always empty.  This is great for me  because I always like to study in silence, and it is located conveniently on the edge of main campus so it’s not too far from my dorm!


Being at school has made me miss playing the piano, and although there is a piano in the lobby of my dorm, its not of the greatest quality.  The lid lock is stuck, some keys are broken, its pretty dirty, and just an overall very old and worn piano.  So all of last semester I resorted to practicing on that one. I have since discovered the glorious practice rooms in Lincoln Hall!  There they have dozens of small rooms to practice instruments, including ones with some really nice upright pianos and grand pianos too! I’m currently learning to play this song.

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