Visiting Home Just Because I Can

The reason I haven’t posted at all this weekend is that I WENT HOME and it was a much-needed and awesome adventure.

My weekend began with a 7 1/2 hour bus ride to the Big Apple 🙁

But I got to see my family, friends and another furry friend:

Surprise! Deer munching on our bushes

On Saturday, I got to see more of my family at the Princeton-Harvard volleyball game!  My cousin is a freshman at Princeton University(we’re the ivy league generation I guess) and he plays on the volleyball team there!  They beat Harvard in an awesome game and big win to make them Ivy League Champions.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so nice at home this weekend.  To give you an idea of what it’s been like in Ithaca, lets take a look at Ithaca weather, shall we?

Never sunny once-the best we get is “partly cloudy”

Although I love the snow, I’m getting a bit sick of it snowing/hailing/raining/snhailraining, which we call ithacating. Last week I walked back from my Financial Accounting exam around 10:30 p.m. and in the course of 30 minutes, it went from nonstop rain to hail to snow.  I could take a few days of this at a time but sometimes it’s nice to see the sun and get a little vitamin D! Regardless, I’m sure that once summer hits, I’ll be begging for snow to come back!  But for now, I’m just waiting for NJ/FL weather and until I get to see this again!

One thought on “Visiting Home Just Because I Can

  1. Wow-can’t believe the deer was that close to your house- what good are the dogs? You know my dogs would be all over that! I enjoy reading your blog-sounds like you are learning a lot and having a good time.


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