Today I spent 2.5 hours at Gannett Health Services….why, you ask?

Yesterday, I twisted my ankle playing basketball, then walked to class last night and this morning, leaving my ankle entirely black & blue and swollen like a balloon! Yay!  So I trekked over to Gannett, and after traveling to three separate doctor’s offices, getting an x-ray taken, and being coughed on by a stranger, I ended up coming home with this beauty on my foot:

I just have to wear it for the next week, but that means no work and no exercise! It also means I have time to be lazy and watch more T.V., which is good because I really need some time to relax anyway.

While I was here, I also managed to cross #116 off of my personal record of –161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do, which is to get asked if you are pregnant at Gannett (they asked me this when I took an x-ray) so that was really a life-changing accomplisment!

The 161 List is a great way to make yourself do things here and see parts of campus you wouldn’t otherwise.  I have some friends that, when they’re bored, make it a point to cross a few things off of the list, like gorge jumping or throwing flaming pumpkins into the gorge.  Luckily, I’ve already managed to cross a few big ones off, like attending the apple festival in the commons, have dinner at a professors house, and take a class you think is impossible just for fun (MUSIC 1202: Classical Music from 1750 to Present).

How many have you crossed off the 161 List?



2 thoughts on “#116

  1. Oh and number 162 on the list must be to wear as many braces as possible at one time, right? #nailedit #feelbetter

  2. Wines, Olin, etc — all very fun. It’ll be hard for you guys to enjoy the deliciousness of the Dairy Bar until it opens again in 2014! Not so sadly, never had to take the swim test.

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