Winter is Snow Joke

Having endured the first week of classes, its safe to say that I will have a lot in store for myself over these next few months.

To begin, here’s a look at my schedule…that’s right…early morning classes nearly every day!

As crazy as I know I sound, I’m glad I’m forcing myself to start my day early.  Once my classes end around noon, I can use the rest of the afternoon to be more productive.  I hope, though, that this schedule will motivate me to waste less of my free time.  Between working and the boatload of homework I’ll have (Financial Accouting especially), leaving my afternoons free will help me focus on what needs to get done first (then I’ll just continue watching more Breaking Bad and Prison Break).

I’m specifically really excited for my classes this semester because I’ll be studying exactly what I’m interested in-Hotel Adminstration, Music, English and Food Science.  Last semester all of my classes were in the same department and all in the same building which was nice, but monotonous at times.  Now I am taking classes in various departments on different parts of campus and it will be refreshing to finally see a balance in my classes.

A fine day for gorge jumping!

On another note, it has snowed nearly EVERY DAY this week! Maybe this is normal for Ithaca but it is definitely not normal for me. It’s really nice right now, the entire campus covered in a white blanket making everything just a little more beautiful than normal (who knew that was possible?).  The thing that is difficult is temperatures at -6° and wind whipping at you so strongly that it’s hard to breathe.  Regardless, I seem to be getting all the snow I could have ever dreamed of, so I’ll quit complaining at the moment and enjoy the picturesque winter wonderland that is Cornell!



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