From Paris, France to Tucson, Arizona

I just finished the best semester of my life. Heck, the best time of my life.

I spent a semester abroad in Paris, France. As a newbie to the “Old World”, I had all these notions of what Europe was, what Paris was, in its splendid French-ness.

However, it was indeed a different time to be traveling to Europe. In the midst of an ever-technological and globalizing world, the Paris attacks of November that left 130 dead were part of a larger and interconnected series of violence that struck the world, and unfortunately, continue to pervade (#BLACKLIVESMATTER). So yes, I was stoked to achieve my dream of hopping on a transatlantic flight to Paris, but I was also somewhat worried.

Upon my arrival, I settled into my single room in the French-British dormitory in the Cité Universitaire, really beautiful student housing in the periphery of the 14th arrondissement. Quickly, I became immersed in the French language, getting used to, or as the French say, “habituée” to all-French everything. I witnessed the manifestation of the French state of emergency, with the presence of the French forces in public spaces. Indeed, as some Americans will echo, I initially struggled with making French friends, mainly because I allowed myself to become intimidated by the linguistic and cultural barriers. Nonetheless, and to my surprise, I kept in contact with a couple of French friends who I connected and bonded over our class titled “Women, Gender, and Politics and Africa.”

The semester was filled with school projects, museum trips, music, shopping, good eats, “Nuit Debout”, or the French social movement protesting the newest labor law, as well as plenty of laughs over cultural misunderstandings and a myriad of other new, exciting experiences. Studying abroad solidified my desire to become part of a community of academics who question and tackle these big issues facing our transnational communities, especially those on multiculturalism and diversity.

That’s partly why I’m currently in Tucson (welcome, daily 100°F weather) – I’m participating in a summer research experience to prepare me for graduate study. Really, I want to get my PhD. I’ve realized that my heart lies in social and political advocacy. Presently, while juggling test prep, research classes, housing for next year (off-campus, hooray!), I’m also working with Dr. Anna Ochoa O’Leary, chair of the Mexican-American Studies Department at the University of Arizona on a project on immigration and racism. I’m taking the GRE in a little over a week (yay standardized tests…), and I’ve been looking at programs that interest me.

It’s like the junior year of high school all over again. Personal statement writing, etc.

So, I currently find myself thinking about my future, while hanging on to sweet memories of my time in Paris, and balancing (or trying, and failing) being an informed and active citizen about the state of the world, a world that struggles to remain one that is just.


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6 Responses to From Paris, France to Tucson, Arizona

  1. Well done for visiting us in Europe despite the many reasons not to do so. I find that my students are not as keen to travel out of the UK as I would like. A few months away, particularly speaking a foreign language, is of massive benefit both socially and educationally.

  2. Obliczone says:

    Indeet, Paris is outstanding city 🙂

  3. Christie says:

    This was awesome.

  4. Paris is a big and city, but the economy in Europe is to bad now.

  5. Robert says:

    Paris is may favorite city. I was there six times and it’s amazing place. This year we also going, and try to do this list:

    “Get lost in the Louvre” – 😀

    Thanks, for this post.

  6. Brian says:

    Im sure that would be a life changing and an unforgettable semester. Good luck for you future!

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