Will Samurai Wasp Be The Answer.

Samurai Wasp Emergence From Parasitized BMSB Eggs.
Overview: In the summer of 2016-17 the Samurai Wasp was found in Marlboro, NY. Recent approvals from the DEC in 2017 provided us the opportunity to redistribute the Samurai Wasp in New York State. We developed a colony of Trissolcus japonicus, were able to provide BMSB eggs for the wasp to parasitize and in September of 2017 begin providing Samurai Wasp to New York tree fruit growers on 28 orchards in 6 NY counties. In Spring of 2018 the HVRL will provide NYS farmers with the Samurai for use on their farms per request.

The Project: The long term goal of the project is to have the Samurai Wasp redistributed across regions of NYS where BMSB has caused damage to agricultural crops since 2011. As populations of the Samurai Wasp are redistributed and develop on each farm, they will reduce populations of brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) populations simply by killing the eggs that BMSB produce. We anticipate the end result to be a sustainable biological control agent providing an overall reduction in the injury the stink bug causes to vegetable and tree fruit crops.

* We are requesting that tree fruit growers interested in releasing Samurai Wasp on their farms use our donation web site link to sign up under the “Tree Fruit Grower”category. The cost for NYS tree fruit growers is a $40.00 donation to cover overnight shipping costs. Shipments will begin in early June with sign-up for the program beginning today. The shipments will be on a first come first serve basis through the season as parasitized eggs become available.

* The eggs will arrive in petri dishes with zip ties for attaching to tree branches. Upon receiving the eggs, growers will place the eggs in clusters of woodland tree hosts of brown marmorated stink bug. These include sugar maple, white ash, wild cherry, tree of heaven, staghorn sumac along with many other species found on the BMSB Host Plants page on the Stop BMSB web site.

You are encouraged to send this along to other growers you may know that are interested in the project.

For more information on the Project:
* Background, Justification and Project Development.
* In the News: “It’s War on Stink BUgs”, Poughkeepsie Journal, December 24th, 2017
* Establishing the Samurai Wasp in NY Orchards. October 4, 2017

About Peter J Jentsch

Peter J. Jentsch serves the mid-Hudson Valley pome fruit, grape and vegetable growers as the Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Entomology for Cornell University’s Hudson Valley Laboratory located in Highland, NY. He provides regional farmers with information on insect related research conducted on the laboratory’s 20-acre research farm for use in commercial and organic fruit and vegetable production. Peter is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a Masters degree in Entomology. He is presently focusing on invasive insect species, monitoring in the urban environment and commercial agricultural production systems throughout the state
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