February 14, 2018

Upcoming Event! Pesticide Recertification Day March 1, 2018, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The Century House, 997 New Loudon Road, Latham, NY

$100.00 per person to attend all day

Morning or afternoon classes are $85.00 per person.

Payment for this event is required in advance. Lunch is included in all fees.

Register online: http://bit.ly/2B85gsV

Pre-registration for Pesticide Recertification Day is mandatory. Credits will not be awarded if a pesticide certification number is not provided in advance. It is also required that you present your pesticide license at the event.

Credits available:


CORE: 2 credits

Category 10: 1 credit

Category 1a: 0.5 credit

Category 2: 1 credit

Category 25: 1 credit

Category 3a: 1 credit

Category 9: 1 credit


Category 10: 3 credits

Category 2: 1 credit

Category 3A: 3 credits

Category 3b: 2 credits

Category 25: 3 credits

Category 9: 1 credit


Category 10: 3 credits

Category 1a: 3 credits

Category 21: 3 credits

Category 22: 3 credits

Category 23: 3 credits

Category 24: 3 credits

Category 25: 3 credits


Category 7a: 2 credits

Category 7f: 1.5 credits

Category 8: 1.5 credits

General Classes for CORE credit, presented in the morning session, will include Wild and Honey Bee Biology & Health, Invasive Pests, Oh My! and DEC Update. In the afternoon, participants have a choice of three breakout sessions: Ornamentals and Turf, Agriculture Plant and Structural and Rodent, where they may gain additional pesticide credits in these specific categories.

Speakers at the General Morning Session will include Maria van Dyke of Cornell University, Margaret Kelley from NYS Ag & Markets and Mark Solan from New York State DEC. In the afternoon, Joellen Lampman of the NYS Integrated Pest Management Program will speak during the Ornamentals and Turf breakout session. Aaron Gabriel and Laura McDermott of Cornell Cooperative Extension and will speak during the Agriculture Plant breakout session while Matt Frye of NYS IPM and Jody Timer of Cornell Cooperative Extension will be speaking during the Structural & Rodent breakout session.