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Relationships as a market

In this blog, I will examine relationships abstractly viewed as a market. Specifically, it will focus on intimate relationships that will be taken to span attraction, dating, courting and marriage phases between couples. The agents are people and a couple should be restricted to two agents who are compatible with each other. In this market, […]

The market for online video content – YouTube

The market that I have chosen to study is the market for online media content on the video streaming platform YouTube. In this market, the “sellers” are the content creators on the platform. In order for these people to be successful they must look to differentiate themselves in the market for content by developing their […]

Baseball card market

A market many kids participate in is the ‘baseball card market’. This is the market in which children (agents) have baseball cards and are willing to trade said cards with each other. In the market I’m defining there is no real money, kids only trade cards for other cards. Because of this the currency is […]

College Admissions as a Market: Tournaments, Revealed Preferences, Affirmative Action

Every year, millions of (typically) high-school seniors submit tailored college applications, entering competition pools at higher-education institutions of their choosing. This well-known market of college admissions is two-sided – college admissions officers, reactively, extend invitations to candidates they deem as having the potential to contribute to their university’s continued success (via perceived ability/desirability and willingness/likelihood […]

The MLB Draft

The MLB Draft lasts for 40 rounds and the teams are allowed 1 pick per round.  The teams are given picks in the order of worst record to best record from the previous season’s standings. This allows the worst team to get the first pick so they have the best chance to improve in the […]

Modern Romance: Online Dating as a two-sided market

The dynamics of dating have been discussed and dissected extensively, but in this post we can hopefully gain some new insights into it by viewing it as a networked market. Online dating specifically, renders itself quite naturally as a market (albeit a non-traditional and subtle one) and as of 2015, up to 38% of single […]

Market for Office Furniture

Context: All offices purchase furniture, generally this is done by having office staff submit requests to their organization (a university department, or other governing body which manages other offices as well). In many cases, these organizations allocate money to office needs based on historical costs. I think it is useful to analyze the market for […]

College Recruitment as a Market

The entire process of college recruitment is extremely complex with hundreds of variables. Ultimately it can be generalized as a market where students allocate their tuition and presence to institutions that allocate their education and reputation. Universities give out acceptance letters based on students who meet certain criteria and are deemed acceptable. On the other […]

Beyond the Court: The Trade Market in the NBA

I love to watch sports; it is one of my activities to do when I am not worrying about final projects, prelims, and extracurriculars at Cornell. Sports are generally seen as a form of escapism from our current realities, but what many don’t see on the football fields and the basketball courts is the very […]

Residency Matching Problem

I have always found the residency matching problem very interesting. In this market there are hospitals and medical students, and both sides of the market have strict preferences. There is no currency in this market, rather our goal is to maximize utility. We want to give the hospitals their top choice residents so that the […]

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