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Game Theory: Donald Trump and Politics The recent article I decided to blog about talks about Donald Trump and his unpredictability within politics. Even though politics effects some of the most important decisions in the world, it can be thought of as a game. People try and make decisions based off what they think others are going to do, always […]

The Spread of Chain Messages

Chain texts used to simply be considered be another type of spam message, but now people willingly find and send ones to one another to mark special occasions such as Christmas, the start of fall, birthdays–you name it. These oftentimes humorous chain messages are wildly popular and widespread, since they encourage the receivers to send […]

Poker Game Theory – How You Should Think About the Game The recent generation of poker players have adapted a new way of playing—poker game theory. The trend incorporates the old-school players’ exploitive play with mathematical game theory that begins from the very hand you open with. The above image shows the opening range for the player who acts first (UTG). By playing less-profitable […]

The U.S. – China Trade War is Much More Than A Prisoner’s Dilemma

Source:   For the past year, the U.S. has engaged in tit-for-tat tariffs against China in an effort to contain its perceived unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft. The article published by the Japan Times explores the relationship between the U.S. – China trade war and how it can be viewed as a […]

Bread Stapled to Trees

In 2017, a new sub-Reddit, “Bread Stapled to Trees” (often abbreviated to BST) emerged from the primordial stew of internet absurdity. Content consisted of (as expected) bread stapled to trees. Within half a year, the community (or, perhaps, network?) had ballooned to a whopping 79,400 subscribers; it currently sits at a count of 234,708. A […]

Eintrag Eins – Version 2

Guten Tag! Ich bin Leah Womelsdorf. Leah ist mein Vorname und Womelsdorf ist mein Nachname. Ich bin einundzwanzig Jahre Alt. Ich komme Aus New Jersey in die USA. Aus Fanwood. Fanwood ist dreihundertfünfzig Kilometer von Ithaca. Ich mag Kaffee und Sport. Ich gehe gern schwimmen und telefonieren. Ich esse gern Brot mit Ei. Heather ist mein […]

BidX1: eBay for Property – Easier, Clearer, Safer

As the great Alfred Matthew Yankovic, better known as “Weird Al”, once sang, “A used pink bathrobe. A rare mint snow globe. A Smurf TV tray. I bought on eBay.” eBay, since 1995, has been the primary site, an online marketplace, where buyers and sellers can trade almost anything for auction. Though it is a […]

Social Media, Social Movements, and weak ties   This article written by wired explores how social media, viewed through the lens of weak ties, can explain a lot about social movements in today’s world. The article claims that most of our creativity and sources of new ideas actually come from our acquaintances, not our friends. The reason is because our friends […]

Game Theory: Through the Lens of Equity Investment The article attached discusses the possibility of buying General Electric (GE) stock, and how Game Theory can be worked into the decision.  In this example, the issue GE faces is the fact that they are facing accusations that they committed fraud of up to $38 billion.  This accusation frightened the market and scared equity […]

Middle Eastern Foreign Policy & Structural Balance Property Anyone who’s been following politics recently is probably aware of Iran’s recent actions in the Middle East, particularly in the Straits of Hormuz.  This has led to rising tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Iran is a long-standing enemy of the United States in the region, […]

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