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Molecular Applications of Google’s Page Rank Algorithm

Google’s page ranking algorithm can have applications beyond web searching. Chemist Aurora Clark at Washington State University has discovered a different application for this algorithm. Water molecules are involved in almost every biological process. Therefore, understanding the details of how water molecules participate in chemical reactions can help to better model these systems. Just as […]

Google’s Questionable Search Engine Advertisements

For over a decade, Google has generated revenue by selling the ability to display ads on its search results. Early on Google differentiated advertisements from organic search results by placing a colored background behind advertisements. This allowed users to easily identify which results were organic, and which were advertisements. In 2013, Google decided to make […]

Amazon’s search advertising

Amazon, as a online seller and reseller, is paying a lot more attention on search advertising. Although nowadays, Google is taking up almost all the search advertising market, it is obviously a wise choice for companies to make their advertisements on amazon, for it is a platform where people may buy products directly. And also, […]

Ipsy Ipsy is a beauty company that is a “Glam Bag” subscription-based program with over 2.5 million subscribers. Customers pay $10 per month (or $110 per year) and receive a “Glam Bag.” A Glam Bag is “a collectible makeup bag filled with four to five deluxe-sized samples or full-sized beauty products with free shipping.” […]


PageRank is used to determine where a site will end up in a search algorithm, based on pages it links to and pages that link to it. Organizing the network of pages that a website has can influence the distribution and quantity of page views overall. One of these methods is looping, which can average […]

Using PageRank to Determine Tiger Woods’ All Time Golf Ranking

One of the biggest debates in every sport is determining the best player to ever participate. However, over the course of the past decades, the gameplay, competitors, and many other factors change the way that a player is successful in his or her respective sport. In this article written by Daniel Brannock, a data science […]

Bargaining Power for Unskilled Labor According to Investopedia unskilled labor is “used to refer to a segment of the workforce associated with a limited skill set or minimal economic value for the work performed,”( or in other words work that does not need any higher level of education than a high school diploma, sometimes work that does not even […]

Following the Crowd: The Arab Spring The Arab Spring refers to the sequence of anti-establishment revolutions, that took place in Arab countries, during late 2010 and early 2011. The seed of this sequence was a man in Tunisia who was selling fruits and vegetables to provide for his family, but was abused and humiliated by the police for doing so […]

How is Twitter’s ‘Trending’ Section Determined? In the day and age of social media, Twitter has made its way to being one of the top four platforms, along with Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.  Each is slightly different from the rest, functioning on their own systems and algorithms. However, one thing that Twitter does that sets itself apart from the rest […]

When a Tweet goes Viral

If you have a Twitter, or Facebook, or social media you know how when you see something go viral. A post that “blows up” means it is found all over the internet, shared and re-shared until just about everyone has seen it. However, the way Facebook and Twitter have their sites set up make it […]

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