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Is Life A Recursive Video Game?   This article provides an interesting discussion about simulation theory and what can happen in the future with hyper-realistic video games. Alex Zhavoronkov argues that for video games to succeed at approaching realism, they must be “sticky.” Put simply, the player must be “convinced that he or she belongs to the new world, while […]

Building More Roads Can Increase Travel Time   The Katy Freeway in the Houston metro is up to 26 lanes wide at it’s widest point. It was built over the course of 3 years, at an expense of $2.8 billion, with the primary purpose of alleviating severe traffic congestion. However, counter intuitively, the new roadway had the exact opposite effect. Data […]

Key Factors Ad Publishers and Marketers Should Keep In Mind During Online Advertising Exchanges   Recent academic research on the trustworthiness of first-price auctions was conducted by Shengwu Li, Ph.D., and Mohammad Akbarpour, who are both assistant professors of economics at Harvard and Stanford, respectively. In their research, Li and Akbarpour were interested in examining online advertising exchanges as first-price auctions. They realized that in this scenario, the […]

Amazon’s Growing Search Ads

This article discusses how Amazon is rapidly expanding its share in the search ad market. Although Google remains as the dominant leader with a 73.1% share in search ad revenue, Amazon’s large increase is extremely notable. Most people would not consider Amazon as a search engine, but a large portion of searches for products begin […]

Game Theory in Real Life

Whether we notice it or not, we use game theory in our everyday lives. While game theory is often considered a topic of economics, one can see that game theory is actually used across all different aspects of life. The article, “7 Easy Ways To Use Game Theory To Make Your Life Better” discusses the […]

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