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Degrees of Separation and Business


This article talks about the ways in how kindness can positively impact a business, specifically how it should be at the foundation of the overall brand of that business. The idea is that when kindness is employed in all aspects of the business it can collectively create an atmosphere where the workers put in the most effort and customers feel happy to give this company their business. The article then goes on to discuss the reach that these efforts can have using the principle of six degrees of separation. This principle arises because of the idea that we are more likely to things for other people so long as they do things for us. This means that spreading kindness can create a web of people who will view this business positively. The article ends with 5 key ideas for one to take away which are: exceed expectations, do pro-bono work, make referrals, treat your employees well, and donate a portion of profits to charity.


The idea using the principle of six degrees of separation is very interesting in how it is applied in this article. The application of this principle is that businesses that focus on kindness will increase their network of people. This makes sense as we can see the rise of a web of people due to word of mouth or other similar methods of spreading information. Since people are fairly interconnected in society, it creates a system where the best connections are found to be rooted in kindness. Therefore, by employing this in a business setting and structure, that business can reap positive rewards.


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