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Bayes Rule in Digital Communication with BPSK modulation

Because of the stochastic nature wireless communication, Bayes rule is very useful in optimizing symbol detection rule for various modern digital communication systems. The idea is that based on the known information about the distribution of possible transmitted symbols, we can use Bayes rule to help minimize the bit error-rate (BER) in signal transmission. To […]

Information Cascades and the Spread of “Fake News”

Source:   New study explains why fake news is perceived as real on Twitter   According to a new study published in the journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, a high number of retweets on a Twitter post serves as a “normative cue” which indicates to users that the message is both trustworthy and […]

Mycelial Networks   The linked article discusses the existence of an incredible network of fungal mycelium, a filament like structure that fungi are composed of. In this network, mycelium is linked to the roots of plants underground. These symbiotic relationships, in which fungi links to the roots of plants are known as “mycorrhiza,” and through this […]

eSports: Has it Reached its Tipping Point? Esports, or competitive organized video gaming, has seen a meteoric rise in the past few years as streaming services and live events have turned casual gamers into celebrities with massive followings. Top earners can earn seven-figures and big brand endorsements. Competitors form teams and leagues to face off in games that are popular among […]

Cascading Behavior in the “Console Wars”   These articles and charts show the evolution of the popularity and sales figures of the consoles from the big 3 game and console makers: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  For the 7th and 8th generation of home consoles: Microsoft made the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Sony made the PS3 and PS4, […]

Microsoft and Apple: Market Aggregation and the Fight for Title of “Most Valuable Company”

On Tuesday it was reported by Refinitiv, a global provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, that Microsoft had briefly overtook Apple to become the world’s most valuable company. As reported by Seth Fiegerman in his article “Microsoft and Apple are fighting to be world’s most valuable company” on November 27, 2018, this has been part […]

Venmo – The Power of Network Effects

Forbes article: In class, during the unit of Network Dynamics: Population Models, we learned about the concept of network effects. A network effect is when any user’s product usage increases the value for all users, and this Forbes article analyzes the success and future of Venmo, a mobile payment service. An easy to understand example of […]

Information Cascades in the Stock Market This Economist article discusses the effects of information cascades on several real-life events, most notably the stock price of Netflix in 2011. The general notion behind information cascades is that people will often imitate the actions of their peers, often for a variety of reasons. Some people think others are more knowledgeable about certain […]

Apple Should be Thankful for Information Cascades

  This past August, Apple Inc. became the first American company to surpass $1 trillion in value. As the stock passed $207.04 a share, Apple’s value has risen despite initial fear that sales would stagnate after the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. However, with sales better than expected, especially in China and […]

The 2008 Milk Scandal Revisited Looking back at the 2008 Chinese milk scandal, hundreds of thousands of babies fell ill and dozens of companies were found guilty of tampering with their products to unsafe standards. The effects of the scandal are still seen today, with laws passed for food regulation in China now. In addition, people still struggle trusting […]

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